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Affected by Altitude

Affected by Altitude: The Big Huge 2021 Awards Show Episode

With the 2021 World Series on the horizon, there’s no better time to dole out the Rockies awards for the season in our final major episode of the year!

Affected by Altitude: Are You Schmidtten With Our New GM?

This week, we discuss the Rockies’ official new general manager and his first two contracts. We also talk Arizona Fall League and the playoffs so far!

Affected by Altitude: Story Time with Mac and Me

Mac and Evan discuss Trevor Story’s likely departure, the Rockies free agent class, Larry Walker Weekend, and the playoff picture!

Affected by Altitude: Is It Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer?

The Rockies are finally out of the running. Is it time to start shutting people down? Meanwhile the Padres completely collapsed and the Redbirds meteorically ascended from their ashes.

Affected by Altitude: No More Bullpen Blues?

Your hosts discuss the evolution of the Rockies bullpen, competitive divisions, and the exciting AL MVP race in a new episode of the Purple Row Podcast.

Affected by Altitude: Larry Walker is a Hall of Famer

Your hosts discuss Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame induction, rookie debuts, Wild Card races, and Jeter’s hype machine.

Affected by Altitude: Here’s the Mail, it Never Fails

On this week’s episode, we answer questions from the listeners in our first ever mailbag! Plus, our August players of the month!

Affected by Altitude is taking questions for a mailbag!

We want to hear from you, and see what you would like answered on a possible future episode of the podcast!

Affected by Altitude: Bullpen in a China Shop

Your hosts discuss the fickle Rockies bullpen and what can be done about it, plus September call-ups, Connor Joe, and more!

Affected by Altitude: Open the Door, Get on the Salary Floor, Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

The Rockies are over-performing, under-performing, and overall are just really weird... but your hosts wonder if there’s a glimmer of a good team in there somewhere.

Affected by Altitude: If You Podcast They Will Come

Your hosts discuss the long awaited Field of Dreams game, CJ Cron, and shutouts on a new episode of the Purple Row podcast.

Affected by Altitude: The Weather is Hot and so is Sam Hilliard

In a new episode of the Purple Row podcast for your ears, we welcome a guest to the show and wrap up the month of July.

Affected by Altitude: The Big 2021 Trade Deadline Episode

The MLB trade deadline has come and gone. Some teams made huge moves while certain... others did not. You bet your hosts have something to say about it.

Affected by Altitude: Talkin’ Trevor Trades

The trade deadline is fast approaching and the Rockies... might do something? A new episode of Affected by Altitude.

Affected by Altitude: Dawn of the Second Half - 71 Games Remain

It’s time to kick off the second half of the season with a new episode of Affected by Altitude for your ears!

Affected by Altitude: I’ll Trade You Tickets to the All-Star Game for a GM

Your hosts break down the end of the first half and get pumped up for the All-Star Break!

Affected by Altitude: no June swoon here

The month of June is over, and it actually... was pretty good? A new episode of the Purple Row major league podcast for your ears!

Affected by Altitude: Should Nolan Arenado be our new GM?

A new episode of the Purple Row podcast after an interesting week of Rockies baseball.

Affected by Altitude Episode 1: New Faces, New Problems

The Purple Row podcast is back with new hosts!

Affected by Altitude: Summer Camp part two

Welcome to part two of the discussions that surround Summer Camp 2020

Affected by Altitude: Summer Camp part one

Join us for part 1 of a 2-part Summer Camp recap as we discuss the upcoming season including the schedule and the end of the #PurpleRowSim

Affected by Altitude: The universal designated hitter and the draft

A discussion about what the 2020 season might look like as well the draft class of 2020.

Affected by Altitude: The social distancing episode

A discussion about what the 2020 roster might look like with the suspension of spring training and the delay of the season

Affected by Altitude: The spring training 2020 episode

An early look at what we’re seeing from the Rockies in spring training

Affected by Altitude: FanFest and the elephant in the room

There has been plenty to talk about with the Rockies lately, but many questions remain unanswered

Pebble Report Podcast: Rule 5 roster crunch recap

November 20 was the deadline to add players to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft. Who were the additions and omissions for the Rockies?

Affected by Altitude: Rockies’ Postmortem, Part III

Moving on from 2019 and heading into 2020...

Pebble Report Podcast: Takeaways from the AFL

Who was up, who was down?

Affected by Altitude: Rockies’ Postmortem, Part II

Dissecting a revealing non-press conference press conference

Affected by Altitude: A Postmortem for the 2019 Colorado Rockies

A bad season looking worse in retrospect

Pebble Report Podcast: Breakouts and disappointments from the MiLB season

Who do you think was the breakout prospect of the 2019 season?

Affected by Altitude: Pitching changes and free agent targets

The Purple Row podcast crew talks about the state of the Rockies pitching, and looks ahead to potential free agent targets


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