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I write for Purple Row and Mountain West Connection. Does anyone want to pay me to write for television?

Ranking the Rockies: No. 4, German Márquez

He’s good y’all

Ranking the Rockies: No. 8, Scott Oberg

The meme king became the mound king

Ranking the Rockies: No. 17, Gerardo Parra

The outfielder was a land of contrasts

MLB Playoffs 2018: Dissecting Scott Oberg’s four strikeouts

The Rockies reliever is living a renaissance that took center stage Tuesday night

Thursday Pebble Report: Grand Junction Rockies clinch playoff spot

Pioneer League playoffs begin Thursday

Despite all our rage the Rockies are still in the race

We’ve yelled, we’ve whined, we’ve complained. And yet, here they are.

Thursday Pebble Report: Rockies Dominican League team cannot be stopped

These are just teenagers, but holy moly are they winning.

Thursday Pebble Report: Rico Garcia pitches another gem

Thursday Pebble Report: Bret Boswell walks off Inland Empire

Double B goes double HR in big win for Lancaster

Thursday Pebble Report: Lancaster hits five home runs in slugfest 17-11 victory

A classic Cal League affair gives the Jet Hawks a big home win