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Colorado Rockies History

Purple Row’s favorite articles of 2022

Continuing a year-end tradition!

Thursday Rockpile: The replacement Rockies that could have been

Colorado Rockies news and links for Thursday, January 13, 2022

Saturday Rockpile: Coors Field time capsule: June 18, 2000

Rockies news and links for Saturday, June 19, 2021

Germán Márquez carves himself a piece of history on his 700th career strikeout

The Rockies’ ace has set a career and historical milestone for Venezuelan-born pitchers.

AL 13, NL 8: A trip back to the highest scoring All-Star game of all time

The date is July 7, 1998 and Cooooooooors is in full effect

Colorado Rockies great Larry Walker is a Hall of Famer

The Rockies great is now a Hall of Famer, opening the door for Todd Helton

Baseball Hall of Fame 2020: Purple Row community ballot

Could this be the year that #WalkerHOF becomes more than just a Twitter hashtag?

20 Rockies games we loved in 2018

As Spring Training draws nearer, let’s take one more look at 2018

Walker sees big HoF vote gain, Helton has modest debut

Walker has a final chance for election next year, while Helton has a ways to go

Classic Rockies: Remembering Juan Pierre’s career in Colorado

No way we’re letting the opportunity to write about Juan Pierre pass us up

Baseball Hall of Fame 2019: Purple Row community ballot

Vote for Walker! Vote for Helton! Do it here!

The partisan case for Todd Helton

Rockies fans know it, and the evidence suggests it: Helton’s a Hall of Famer

This Rockies vs. Dodgers series may be the most important in team history

Beating the Dodgers would put the Rockies in line for their first-ever division title

Kyle Freeland could end up having the best pitched season in Rockies history

The Denverite is having a season the Rockies rarely see

FanPost Friday: Favorite Opening Day memories

What are your favorite memories from the Opening Days Past?

“Coors” before Coors

The Rockies’ home park helped them beat the Marlins in July 1993, but altitude had nothing to do with it

The crazy train known as Larry Walker

Walker was a crazy train, whether for the Expos, the Rockies, or the Cardinals.

Larry Walker’s 1997 MVP season proves he’s a Hall of Famer

Let’s look back at that time a member of the Rockies actually won the MVP award.

My Rocktober Story: Family

Ten years ago the Rockies helped me and my family transition

My Rocktober Story: The greatest 36 hours of my life

Games 162 and 163, as I experienced them.

Classic Rocks: Jason Jennings

Jennings remains the only player in Rockies history to win a Rookie of the Year award

Colorado Rockies six most memorable games from the first half

There are a lot to choose from when you set a franchise wins record

FanPost Friday: Which Rockies player do you irrationally love?

Some players we love irrationally. Submit your answer for a chance to see your post featured on the front page.

The game that (almost) nobody saw

Last year one of the best Rockies games was also one of the least watched

FanPost Friday: Opening Day memories

What are your favorite memories from the Opening Days Past?

Larry Walker is a Hall of Famer: The definitive case

Get this guy a plaque!!! With some numbers and data on why.

MLB Hall of Fame: The Purple Row community ballot

Be heard: cast a vote for the Hall of Fame here!

Purple Row’s favorite articles of 2016

These are a few of our favorite things.

Dear Purple Row: I'm so, so sorry

"Goodbyes make you think. They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost, and what you’ve taken for granted." - Ritu Ghatourey

Quiz: Remember the '15 Rockies Opening Day roster?

As the 2016 version of the Colorado Rockies comes close to finalizing their 25-man roster for Opening Day, let's do some throwback trivia.

Former Rockies starter Jamey Wright retires at 41

Jamey Wright, a relic of Coors Field's pre-humidor era, is retiring at the age of 41.

Quiz: Name the ten best hitters in Rockies history

Trivia on the ten historical Colorado Rockies who have the highest career batting averages with a minimum of 502 plate appearances.