The Hartford Scapegoats: Yard Goats not at blame in stadium debacle


"The narrative goes something like this: The former Rock Cats and their greedy owner, Mr. Solomon, hatched an evil plot in secret to steal New Britain's team and move it to Hartford with the help of Mayor Pedro Segarra. New Britain's the victim, Hartford and Solomon are the villains. New Britain's mayor Erin Stewart is the hero, saving baseball in New Britain by bringing in the Atlantic League Bees while karma repays Josh Solomon and the Yard Goats with a stadium construction delay that threatens to push back their opening day into July. There's one small problem with this story: It's complete nonsense. " Check out the link for the full story. It's a great read.

Are you ready for baseball? CarGo is!


That's the faint smell of baseball you are experiencing.

2016 Promtional Schedule


There appears to be way fewer bobblehead giveaways planned.

Happy 28th birthday, Jason Gurka


Gurka played an inning in right field for the Rockies in a 16 inning marathon game against the Dodgers on September 16, 2015.

Happy 23rd birthday, Jeff Hoffman


Hoffman was taken ninth overall in the 2014 draft by the Toronto Blue Jays.

Happy 45th birthday, Jason Giambi


One of Giambi’s career highlights with the Rockies was his walk-off home run against the Red Sox on June 23, 2010.

Happy 35th birthday, Jeff Francis


Francis started more games and pitched more innings than any other left handed pitcher in Rockies history.

Charlie Blackmon feels like a rich man ... because of all his socks


Bet he got them at Christmas.

Happy 28th birthday, Jhoulys Chacin


Chacin had the most strikeouts of any NL rookie pitcher in 2010.

Peyton Manning is officially a backup QB for the first time since...


Yep. Who knows if Brock Osweiler will turn out to be half of the player in his sport that the last guy whom Peyton backed up eventually became, but that's none of my business.