Meet the newest White House fellow, Carlos Gonzalez


Nice way to spend an off day in D.C.

That's a lot of gum, Jeff Hoffman


But, hey, it was good enough for the Harlem Globetrotters back in the day.

Vote for Coors Field Opera Man


Coooooors Light

David Dahl has made a full recovery


Blessed is an understatement. So happy I'm back to doing what I love! #trusttheprocess

A photo posted by David Dahl (@ddahl21) on

The Rockies have a winner in Dahl, who has the work ethic and, let's be honest, stones to match his talent.

Asheville's bus broke down, players tried to escape


Ah, the joys of baseball in the low minors. (Note: this happened a few days ago, but...)

Jon Gray's first big league pitch


He threw a lot of those in a rough first inning but recovered nicely in the second. Gray's flashing all sorts of brilliance early on. Can he find consistency?

Christian Friedrich runs the bases at Rockies Fantasy Camp 4 Kids


This may be the only time you see him do it this season.

Everything is sad again


Trevor Story -- soon


Soon enough he'll do that in a Colorado Rockies uniform.