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NL West Report

NL West Report: Goldschmidt is really good

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had a few rough seasons in a row, but don't blame Paul Goldschmidt.

NL West Report: Giants playing like champions

The Giants don't intend to let the Los Angeles Dodgers run away with the division.

NL West Report: Dodgers hurt, in first place

Yasiel Puig was one of four Dodgers to hit the disabled list this week.

NL West Report: Bad Contracts in the Division

Bad contracts can help predict which teams rise and fall in coming years. Are the Rockies in good shape?

NL West Report: Padres are looking good

The San Diego Padres made a complete overhaul of their roster this offseason. So far, all those moves have paid off.

NL West Report: Rockies start strong

The Colorado Rockies are off to a great start, thanks in large part to their outstanding performance on the road.

NL West Report: Clayton Kershaw for MVP

Making the case for a pitcher as the league's Most Valuable Player.

NL West Report: First half recap

A look at where the division race stands at the midway point of the 2014 season.

NL West Report: Giants running away with division

The team that has won two of the last four World Series titles is threatening to make the 2014 NL West race not a race at all.

NL West Report: Kershaw returns for Dodgers

The Giants, Rockies and Dodgers are starting to pull away from the other two teams in the NL West and look to be the three teams that will have a say in who takes home the division in 2014.

NL West Report: Giants return to first place

With a 5-1 record this week, the Giants have returned to first place in the NL West as the Dodgers won just two of their five games in the last seven days.

NL West Report: Dodgers take division lead

Stumbles from the Giants and Padres have allowed the Dodgers and Rockies to ascend to the top of the division while the Diamondbacks' negative spiral continues.

NL West Report: Arizona pitching falters

The Dodgers and Giants are in the midst of a series that doubles as a battle for the division lead. Meanwhile, Arizona has had a rough week.

NL West Report: Giants, Belt take division lead

There is a surprise at the top of the NL West standings in the early going, as Major League home run leader Brandon Belt has lifted San Francisco to the top of the division.

NL West Report: A look back at the offseason

Taking a look back at how the winter treated Colorado's division rivals, and how they've fared at the beginning of 2014.

NLWR: Corbin impressive, Giants a mirage?

NL West Report: Corbin impressive, the Giants a mirage?

NL West Report: Rox, D-backs lead the way

The Rockies and the Diamondbacks lead the way early for a division that has 4 teams with winning records, the reigning NL player of the week, the defending champs. and some of the most exciting baseball being played anywhere.

NL West Report: Opening Week

The Dodgers have spent an exorbitant amount of money during the last twelve months, but will it pay off?

The race for 3rd Place in the NL West

With the Giants and the Dodgers expected to fill the top two spots in the NL West this season, the most interesting race will be for third place. Which team is most likely to take away this inauspicious honor?

NL West Offseason in Review: Arizona Diamondbacks

No general manager has been in the news this off-season more than Kevin Towers, who dealt two blue chip players in Trevor Bauer and Justin Upton. Just what did Arizona end up with after all that smoke and dynamite?

This stream has:

NL West Off-season in Review

It's been a long boring off-season for the Rockies - let's check in with our division rivals and see what they did with theirs.

NL West offseason in review: Los Angeles Dodgers

Happiness can't be bought, but it can be rented. And the Dodgers have the assets to be very happy in 2013.

Friday Rockpile: Grading Rockies Off-Season So Far

If you are not getting better, you are getting worse.

NL West Report: Mark Ellis Nearly Loses Leg, Career

Turning double plays one day, being fit for a prosthetic leg another. That was nearly what former Rockie Mark Ellis was facing.

NL West Report: Are the Giants Unlucky?

Are the Giants unlucky with runners in scoring position? Or are they just a bad offense?

NL West Report: What's Eating the Diamondbacks?

The Diamondbacks aren't performing like 2011. After half the roster posted career seasons in 2011, only Ian Kennedy has been able to back it up in 2012.

NL West Report: Magic Starts Today for Dodgers

Frank McCourt is out. The Dodgers can now improve, which is bad news for Rockies fans, as Colorado was 12.5 games WORSE than Los Angeles during the McCourt Divorce Drama Era.

NL West Report: Soft Schedule Gives Dodgers Early Lead

They deserve credit for taking advantage though, as the rest of the division hasn't.

NL West Report: Bye Bye Beardie

Brian Wilson's season is over.

NL West Preview: San Francisco Giants

Will they ever suffer an injury to their big three starting pitchers?

NL West Preview: San Diego Padres

Nothing more exciting than Padres, baseball, right?

NL West Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers are still not a good team. Fans of other NL West teams should theirget jokes in while they still can


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