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Purple Dinosaur Podcast

PDP 138: What would a bizarro 25th anniversary celebration might look like?

If the Rockies were to celebrate the worst players in franchise history, who would those be?

Colorado Rockies podcast: Rox in a rough patch

The Purple Dino Podcast talks pitching woes and answers your pressing questions

PDP 136: Ian Desmond and Carlos Gonzalez...are...good again?

The PDP guys talk about turnarounds and opportunities

PDP 135: Is Jon Gray An Ace™ and why it doesn’t matter

Connor Farrell of Football Friday stops by on this episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast

Colorado Rockies podcast: AskPDP about those first place Rockies

The Purple Dinosaur Podcasts answers questions about your first place Colorado Rockies

PDP 133: Do really know this team is gonna hit?

It’s episode 133 of the PDP podcast!

PDP 132: Patience, pitching, and Ian Desmond

It’s episode 132 of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast — eat it up!

PDP 131: The 2018 Rockies are confusing

PDP talks why the 2018 Rockies just don’t make any damn sense

PDP Episode 129: The Rockies are good, kind of

Purple Dinosaur Podcast discusses how the Rockies are succeeding despite causes for concern

PDP 128: Nolan Arenado, the brawl, and the offense

Purple Dino Podcast provides in-depth fight analysis.

Rockies Podcast: PDP answers all your questions about the Rockies’ mild start

The Rockies are .500, which means there are hot takes from both sides

PDP 126: Season preview!

The Purple Dino Podcast previews the 2018 season

PDP 125: Spring training edition

PDP 125 comes at you from the Cactus League

PDP Episode 124: Baseball’s back, and so is PDP

PDP is back for the first episode of spring

PDP 123: Frozen free agency and Larry Walker

It’s Episode 123 of PDP!

PDP Episode 122: AskPDP

Get the answers to your important and unimportant Rockies questions here!

Purple Dino Podcast: It’s Thanksgiving!

Let’s talk baseball and pies

PDP Episode 120: Award snubs, Halladay, and #AskPDP

It’s offseason PDP

Purple Dinocast No. 119: There are good things in the bad things

Tyler and Anthony look back at the Rockies’ postseason loss and ahead to what the 2018 version of the team could offer.

Purple Dinocast No. 118: Playoffs!

From the Rockies’ mouths to your ear and a Wild Card preview with Mike Ferrin

Purple Dinocast No. 117: Anthony’s getting married

Tyler and Anthony talk the stretch run plus some off-the-field stuff that has gone on the last couple of days.

Purple Dinocast No. 116: Maybe things will be OK after all

Tyler and Anthony review the Rockies’ improbable road trip against two playoff teams and discuss what’s next

Purple Dinocast No. 115: Sorry sorry, we know we know

Does anybody want the second NL Wild Card spot? Anyone?

Purple Dinocast No. 114: Chad Bettis? More like Chad Badass IMO

Thoughts on the return of Bettis and everything it means (it means a lot), including whether it can help the Rockies get out of this really annoying funk

Purple Dinocast No. 113: An entire show of #AskPDP for some reason

Tyler and Anthony answered your questions with their typical brand of style and grace.

Purple Dinocast No. 112: The Rockies are good, but are they GOOD?

How do the Rockies look coming out of the trade deadline? What still needs to change? Tyler and Anthony discuss

Purple Dinocast No. 111: RYAN MCMAHON! So dreamy

Ryan McMahon is the stuff prospect dreams are made of

Purple Dinocast No. 110: Don’t worry, we still exist

Anthony and Tyler are back and talking about our beloved 56-41 baseball club.

Purple Dinocast No. 109: Nevermind, get back on that ledge, my friend

A new PDP for a new winning streak (even it’s one game; please, just win one game).

Purple Dinocast No. 108: Wish You Would Step Back From That Ledge, My Friend

Mike Ferrin from MLB Network Radio and the Diamondbacks’ pre- and postgame show joins Anthony and Tyler to discuss the bad stuff we just witnessed.

Purple Dinocast No. 107: Walk-off wins con mucho swagger

Denver sports radio host Renaud Notaro joins Tyler and Anthony to talk Rockies. Get into it!

Purple Dinocast No. 106: What we sound like at a Rockies game

Anthony and Tyler decided to record the latest episode of PDP from the Party Deck. It’s pretty lit.