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Purple Dinosaur Podcast

AskPDP questions about the postseason and maybe also fatherhood

Purple Dinosaur Podcast’s last episode of the 2019 season

PDP: What to expect from the rest of the season

PDP talks Cucarachas, and what to look for as the Rockies’ season winds down

PDP 176: AskPDP anything other than what has gone wrong

It’s episode 176 of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast

PDP 174: On Tulo’s complicated legacy

PDP talks about Tulo’s retirement and his Rockies legacy, as well as some of that terrible baseball the Rockies have bene playing

PDP 173: The trade deadline edition

PDP talks about what the Rockies need to do to compete in the second half

PDP 172: Talkin’ Chubs

The Colorado Rockies are winning, and the Grand Junction Rockies are doing something else entirely

PDP 171: A Daunting Task

PDP looks at the current west coast road trip and some of the recent moves on the roster.

PDP 170: How the Rockies can keep the home winning going

PDP also talks about Kyle Freeland’s Triple-A starts

PDP 169: On Peter Lambert’s masterful debut

That and other Rockies happenings on this week’s PDP

PDP 168: Takeaways from winning baseball

The Rockies have been winning a lot of games lately — what’s gone into it?

PDP 167: The Rockies next chance to make up ground

Plus, PDP take your questions with an #AskPDP segment

PDP 165: Should Rockies fans worry about Kyle Freeland?

PDP also looks at the weekend series against San Diego

PDP 163: The season is un-cancelled

Purple Dinosaur Podcast talks the Rockies resurgence, and the emergence of Raimel Tapia

PDP 161: Let’s forget the Rockies start and remember some Rockies

Things are bad

PDP 159: Season preview and AskPDP

It’s baseball time!

PDP 157: It’s about Nolan Arenado

There was some big Rockies news, and Purple Dino Podcast is here to talk it up

PDP 154: The Dave Magadan and Chris Robago episode

Purple Dinosaur Podcast, the December episode

PDP 152: Yelling and analysis ahead of NLDS Game 3

The definitely cathartic and hopefully thoughtful episode

PDP 151: The first playoff series of the PDP era

Purple Dinosaur Podcast talks the wild Wild Card game and the NLDS against the Brewers

PDP 151: Emergency Wild Card game edition

Join the PDP guys for a group freakout session.

PDP 150: Rox in the driver’s seat for a postseason push

Purple Dinosaur Podcast talks about the final regular season series of 2018

PDP 149: Road trip woes

PDP talks about the rough road trip, and saves some energy to answer listener questions

PDP 148: Catching up with Marvin Freeman

Purple Dinosaur Podcast catches up with former Rockies starter Marvin Freeman

PDP 147: The most important series of the season (so far)

The Rockies open a critical series with the Dodgers Friday

PDP 145: All the games are important now

Tyler and Anthony preview the upcoming series against St Louis and considers Matt Holliday’s impact

Colorado Rockies podcast: Maybe the Rockies should play the youngsters more

PDP talks the Rockies young players and international baseball

PDP 144: Bullpen issues and the crossroads of August

Purple Dinosaur Podcast moves from talking the latest bullpen disaster to pondering organizational philophies

PDP 143: Oh, the Rockies are so hot right now

Purple Dino Podcast 143 discusses the red hot Rockies, the trade deadline, and continues the tour of the minor league affiliates

PDP 142: Checking in with the minor leagues and trade deadline talk

Purple Dino Podcast 142 checks in with some minor league affiliates and talks trade deadline.

PDP 141: Rox surge just in time to make the trade deadline difficult

Purple Dino Podcast 141 talks the Rockies excellent weeks of baseball, and decisions for the trade deadline

PDP 140: Have the good 2018 Rockies arrived?

The 2018 Rockies we expected and hoped for have finally shown up

PDP 139: Uncomfortable questions

It’s an #AskPDP episode