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Purple Row Awards

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A pitching tragedy beyond arm health

Rockies winter ball awards, 2015-16

We take one final look at the Rockies involved in winter leagues around the globe.

The ten most popular Purple Row posts of 2015

You read these ten posts more than anything else on the site this year. In other words, you have nobody to blame for this but yourselves.

Vote for Rockies Celebration of the Year

Yes, it's OK for a team that lost 94 games to celebrate every once in a while. Here are some of the best.

Vote for Rockies Defensive Play of the Year

This category promises to be dominated by a certain Gold Glove third baseman.

Vote for Pitcher of the Year

No Rockies players made this list, in case you were wondering.

Vote for Hitter of the Year

Yes, we have a homer nominee. Fight me.

Unveiling Purple Row's SB Nation MLB award winners

Here are the official Purple Row nominees for each of the six SB Nation MLB award categories.

Pitching Performance of the Year nominees

Pitching and the Rockies don't often go hand-in-hand. But there were a few things to hang our collective hats on this year.

Team of the Year nominees

The Giants won the World Series, but should that automatically make them the Team of the Year? You decide.

Rockies Most Important Hit nominees

Vote for one of the five choices for the biggest Rockies hit of the year.

Rockies Defensive Play of the Year nominees

Finally, something entirely positive!

Rockies Most Regrettable Moment nominations

I wasn't looking forward to doing this one, but it needed to happen.

Rockies Funniest Moment nominations

Funny or pathetic? You decide (and also decide which moment should win)!

Introducing SB Nation's MLB awards

Help us gather the Rockies nominees for several unconventional categories, and we'll pick the winners together. What do you say?

SB Nation Awards: Players of the Year

The SB Nation stable of writers weighed on the MVP debate, naming Mike Trout and Buster Posey as the AL And NL Players of the year, respectively, both in landslide votes.

SBN Awards: Pitcher of the Year

The writers SB Nation have spoken. Before tonight's BBWAA Cy Young Award announcement, we crown our Pitcher of the Year in each league.

SBN Awards: Rookie of the Year

SBNation has voted on their choice for NL and AL Rookie of the Year. Are there any Rockies sightings?

SBNation and Purple Row - National League Cy Young

Can't decide between Roy Halladay or Clayton Kershaw for NL Cy Young? Neither could the SBNation writers!

SBNation and Purple Row: American League Cy Young

SBNation and Purple Row: American League Cy Young. Doug Fister. Okay, I'm kidding.

SBNation and Purple Row: Rookie of the Year

Crown Him: Felix Hernandez Wins the 2010 AL Cy Young Award

Crown Him: Felix Hernandez Wins the 2010 AL Cy Young Award

Silver Slugger Awards Announced: Tulowitzki, Gonzalez Bring Home More Postseason Hardware

2010 Silver Sluggers: Are Tulo and Cargo up for more postseason accolades? More Rockies batting excellence being displayed.

2010 AL Gold Glove Award Winners Announced: Somehow, Derek Jeter Wins Another

The American League Gold Glove awards have been announced. A quick rundown on who won - and maybe who SHOULD have won.

Carlos Gonzalez wins the NL Outstanding Player Award

Carlos Gonzalez has been voted the Most Outstanding Player by the jury of his peers in the NL.

Purple Row Awards: Joey Votto, NL MVP

Joey Votto is the kind of man you bring home to meet your parents. He's also our unanimous pick as NL MVP.


There have been a lot of excellent individual performances in the American League this season. Which grades out the highest?

Purple Row Awards: NL Cy Young

A panel of #Rockies writers unanimously picked their NL Cy Young winner. Was it Ubaldo Jimenez?

Purple Row Awards: AL Cy Young

The AL Cy Young award is headed up by numerous pitchers who can all boast great things about their 2010 performances. Who takes the cake this season?

Purple Row Awards: Austin Jackson, AL Rookie of the Year

Explaining the Purple Row staff's selection for the AL Rookie of the Year award.

Purple Row Awards: NL Rookie of the Year - Jason Heyward

Purple Row Awards: NL Rookie of the Year - Jason Heyward

Purple Row Awards: Ron Gardenhire, Bud Black Do Stuff To Win Baseball Games, Manager Awards

Purple Row Awards: Ron Gardenhire, Bud Black Do Stuff To Win Baseball Games