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Purple Row Podcasts

We want to hear from you for Affected by Altitude 100th Episode Mailbag!

Skyler and Evan want to hear from readers and listeners for their 100th episode! Give us questions to answer or topics you would like to hear discussed!

Affected by Altitude: Fresno Grizzlies 2024 Outlook w/ Stephen Rice

The voice of the Fresno Grizzlies joins the show to chat prospects, promotions, and Parker T. Bear

Every Rockie Ever Podcast: Don Baylor

Skyler and Dustin look back on the life and legacy of Colorado’s very first MLB manager

Affected by Altitude: Streaming Now on Monfort+

Skyler and Evan discuss the Rockies TV deal and the kind of Rockies content they would watch on a streaming platform. Plus, a randomized fantasy draft!

Affected by Altitude: Where’s our invitations?

Skyler and Evan discuss spring training invites, organizational coaching staffs, and Nolan Jones!

Every Rockie Ever Podcast: Mike Hampton and other free agent SP busts

Skyler and Dustin look back on the signings of Mike Hampton, Denny Neagle, and Kyle Kendrick

Affected by Altitude: HeltonFest 2024

Skyler and Evan discuss feelings on Todd Helton being a Hall of Famer and chat about the return of Rockies Fest after a four year hiatus.

Affected by Altitude: Todd Helton is a Hall of Famer

Evan, Skyler, and Dustin are immensely proud and overjoyed to discuss the following: Todd Lynn Helton is now a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Affected by Altitude: Affected by Pebbles at Altitude

Skyler and Evan are sifting through the Pebbles looking at prospects and international free agent signings for the Rockies heading into 2024.

Every Rockie Ever Podcast: The Super Bullpen

Skyler and Dustin look back on the Rockies attempt to spend big on the bullpen in 2018

Affected by Altitude: Lefties Wanted, Inquire Within

Skyler and Evan explore what’s next this offseason for the Rockies, the state of the bullpen, and look to 2033.

Affected by Altitude: The Rockies did a thing! (Feat. Patrick Lyons)

Evan and Skyler are joined by Patrick Lyons to discuss the two MLB free agents the Rockies signed last week and what else needs to be done.

Every Rockie Ever Podcast: The Boys Play Guess the Rockie

Skyler and Dustin handpick a couple of players and take turns guessing who they are.

Affected by Altitude: The Years Start Coming and They Don’t Stop Coming

Skyler and Evan ring in the new year talking Kris Bryant and Russell Wilson, being infuriated at some HoF voters, and forming some New Years Resolutions!

Every Rockie Ever Podcast: Troy Tulowitzki

The Timmins brothers reflect on the Rockies first superstar shortstop

Affected by Altitude: All I want for Christmas is the Rockies to do something

Skyler and Evan dole out some Christmas presents while waiting for the Rockies to do... well, anything really. Please?

Affected by Altitude: 14 Games a Year Against Shohei Ohtani

Skyler and Evan break down the ramifications of Shohei Ohtani the Dodger and discuss the winter meetings.

Every Rockie Ever Podcast: The Rockies from Asia

Skyler and Dustin look back on the pitchers from Asia the team has acquired over the years.

Affected by Altitude: Meet Me In Nashville (feat. Paul Holden of Locked on Rockies)

Paul Holden joins Skyler to discuss the Rockies approach to the Winter Meetings and other December topics

Affected by Altitude: Holiday Leftovers

Skyler and Evan have some easy-breezy post-Thanksgiving discussion.

Affected by Altitude: AFFCTD BY ALTD (feat. Patrick Lyons of DNVR) 

Patrick Lyons of DNVR joins the show to talk about the Rockies offseason

Affected by Altitude: The Big Huge 2023 Awards Show Episode

Skyler and Evan hand out the (unofficial) hardware for the 2023 Colorado Rockies!

Affected by Altitude: Boulevard of Broken Dreams - A 2023 Colorado Rockies Story

Skyler and Evan congratulate the Texas Rangers, get frustrated about Green Day, and talk general odds and ends like the Arizona Fall League All-Stars.

Affected by Altitude: Locked on Altitude (feat. Paul Holden of Locked on Rockies)

Paul Holden of the Locked on Rockies podcast joins Skyler to chat about the current state of the franchise

Every Rockie Ever Podcast: Willy Taveras, Kaz Matsui and Manny Corpas

Skyler and Dustin reflect on some key contributors of the 2007 Rockies

Affected by Altitude: There’s Gold in Them There Gloves

Skyler and Evan break down the Gold Glove seasons for the three Rockies finalists (and Nolan Jones), discuss the most recent roster moves, and ponder award show material.

Affected by Altitude: The 2023 Positivity-Cast

Evan, Skyler, and Kenneth discuss the bright spots of the 2023 Rockies season, including the bullpen, strong performances in the lineup, strong work from the GM, and a thriving farm system.

Every Rockie Ever Podcast: Brandon Barnes

Skyler and Dustin are joined by special guest Brandon Barnes to talk about his career in purple

Affected by Altitude: The 2023 Rookie Roundup

Skyler and Evan meant to talk about all the positives from the 2023 season, but there were no greater positives than the performances turned in by the Rockies’ trio of rookie starters.

Affected by Altitude: Coming Down the Mountain

With the 2023 Rockies season officially over, Skyler and Evan discuss the many negatives from the campaign and what needs to be done from here.